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Ric Meyers

Hong Kong Movie Database
The best HK movie site online. Everything you ever wanted to know.

Bootmasters Homepage
Great site dedicated to martial arts' superkickers

Chang Cheh: The Godfather of Kung Fu Film
Director of 100 films; filmography, interviews, reviews, pics; cool info

Eastern Heroes
Videos, dvds, magazines, books to buy, events, cool star profiles, latest release hotlines

Heroic Cinema - Guide to HK Movies in Australia
Really cool site with reviews, articles, and updates on HK films on TV, video, and the big screen down under

Hong Kong Critics Hong Kong Films
Capsule reviews, short essays on Hong Kong films - not updated recently; needs content

Hong Kong Film Web
Great German site with well-written film, book and documentary reviews, star profiles, articles, DVD section

Hong Kong Superstars
Cool site by publishers of the magazine, with star profile, merchandise, gallery

John Woo + Tsui Hark Action Web
Great site with Woo and Tsui Hark bios, filmographies, news, plus images from the films

Martial Arts Entertainment
Exhaustive site strives to cover the whole martial arts film world; revamped!

The Martial Artist's Guide to Hong Kong Films
"Hong Kong/Taiwan/mainland China-produced kung fu and action films from all eras ... analyze[d]... for the quality and quantity of martial arts content". Cool site

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